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(OOC) Fitz's Folly (ToA PBP)

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Exciting! I've got a couple of ideas; will narrow down.

Zhentarim is great, but if someone else want 'em, speak up.



Dusty Dragon
I can't wait for the "put your cards on the table!" moment and we see what we have.

My character is "concept designed" - I know what race, background, class etc, but I haven't stated it out.


Heh. This part is fun.

BTW. I jinxed myself naming it "Fitz's Folly". I just found out with the security on the PDF... I can't cut and paste ANYTHING from the Adventure. I'm going to have to type-out flavour text. Now, normally IRL I paraphrase flavour-text at best, and here in PBP I cut and past and THEN I modify it.

But STILL, it saves me tons of time to cut and paste it first. So this is probably going to take more time out of my day than other adventures I run. FOLLY INDEED.

(I'll do it anyway, in case you're worried.)

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