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(OOC) Fitz's Folly (ToA PBP)

Yeah, I'm not sure how it will line-up yet either! There's one other little problem when it comes to the Cwingas - even they can't leave the room without you using the new key to unlock it. You can certainly do that, and let 'em out to scout, but it's a door on a balcony above where the Hags hang out. It's possible that they might notice it. We'd have to see.
Notice the door open? Yeah, I never thought about that. I thought they door was out off sight of the room downstairs. The little Cwingas should be invisible though.

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It was obscured by green smoke, but that was 18 hours ago... maybe it still is? I guess you'd have to try it to see. Sure, you can open it a crack and let 'em out. Seems safe enough... maybe.
It seems like the only reasonable thing to do. Worste case scenario, we have 8 pixies…uh, I mean Cwingas (sp?) fighting on our side.

Edit: I think there is only two. I must reread the spell

Edit 2. No there are 8. They are cr 1/4
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Tabaxi didn't take long rest yet, so there may be an opportunity to join you before you took your rest, but I don't know how we would find our way over the hags (but tabaxi are stealty) :D

@FitzTheRuke So, I know it’s kind of cheesy to do this but with the pixie polymorph we can do a CR 6 beast. Mammoth is CR 6 and we could skin it as a Dino. There’s a few cr 4 and 5 homebrew (or 3rd party) Dinos that could work.

I’m fine if you rule we can’t do that. Qawasha only has one 4th level spell and it’s used up. Even if we rest again, I don’t plan on taking this again as the spell feels like a fun ‘set piece’ and not a common tactic. It may not be in a Chwingas ability/personality to polymorph people into Dinos anyways. They are your NPCs so I’ll let you decide. Turning us into flies or something more “tricksy” might be more their cup of tea.

Maybe they can just turn us to flies so we can get the jump on the hag without having to make a contested roll? I’d be fine with that.

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