D&D 5E OotA -- Rejoining the party after Slubloodop?


A PC was killed (by Buppido) en route from Slubloodop to Gracklstugh. As it turned out, Shuushar left with another kuo-toa the party encountered later in the day, and offered to take the PC's corpse with him back to an island they had previously visited where faerzress crystals had raised Stool from the dead, on the off chance that the PC might be raised as well.

The player really wants to play this character. I told him that the character would rejoin the party later in the adventure, but that he should make a new character to meet the party in Gracklstugh and play for a while.

I remember seeing a section in a later chapter, where it is mentioned that NPCs who were separated from the party earlier on might show up as slaves who could be freed or some such. Does anyone know where that is? Can anyone think of another area or time when it might be appropriate for a former PC to rejoin the group?

Derendil got separated from the party in Slubloodop (failed madness check and climbed away into the upper reaches of the city to keep the others from stealing his stuff. I was thinking he might rejoin with this PC (who is actually Sarith made into a PC), as Shuushar will likely take him to Slooblidop after the crystals raise him.

So... Any ideas on where he can meet up with the party?

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In neverlight grove as a spore servant. Kidding (or not).

Sorry for ask in your thread, but I'm start to DMing OotA soon, will be my first 5e campaing and looking for velkynvelve map, it's completly out of proportion. Did you rescale the map (if you use grids)?


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Some parts like the lift, it's say that carry up to 4 medium cratures snugly, put has like 2 square feet. I'll probably use that proportion to change de scale.

thank you

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