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Yes, for my thousandth post, sadly, I have to call shenanigans on OotS. A lawyer, even a celestial lawyer, could not be this unobservant and ill-educated. What, they don't inform celestials about undead and necromancy? She can't detect evil?

When did she go from being a sensible and forward woman interested in dating one of the few adults in the OotS party to being such a ninny?


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Well, remember, this is the same Celia that thought humans of the Prime could generate electricity (to break / activate her pendant).

I have the feeling she has very little real-world knowledge. Also, I think she knows very little of the Prime. Also, she has spent much of her life in the plane of air &/or the celestial realm, so it seems that she tends to accept people on face-value, because up until then most she met were good or nearly so.

Her naivete will no doubt cause all sorts of problems. I have the feeling that the cleric might be a sham or perhaps merely raises them as undead zombies - and yet will still take all Celia has even for that little bit.

I do wonder, however, how Belkar will die, as I expect he will finally meet his end somewhere in this city.

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