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Release Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies Available

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Prepare to Play the Game of Spies

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies
is a new tabletop role-playing game based in the a slightly altered history modern day world. The players take on the persona of spies, agents that are tasked with collecting intelligence and protecting the borders, both physical and intellectual.

Set in the modern world, the players will be familiar with all the countries involved in the Game of Spies. Agents are members of larger agencies that represent treaties developed between countries of the world, allowing for agents from different countries to more easily work together. The agencies sometimes conflict with each other, but more often, the agents will find themselves up against global criminal organizations such as The Family, The Council of Axis Powers, and W.I.R.E., each with their own goals from monetary gain from the diamond mines of the southern hemisphere to destruction of a city due to revenge.

How the Game is Played

The core mechanic of Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies is based around a pool of twelve-sided dice. When a task is attempted, the agent skills are used to create a dice pool that is rolled. The player is looking for each dice that rolls equal to or higher than a target dice number—creating a number of successes. What makes the system unique is that the spymaster (game master) does not set a target number, rather that target number is based on the agent level, and it decreases as the agent gains levels by successfully completing manhunts or missions.

Every time a task is attempted as described above; the spymaster will also create a pool of dice to roll to find a number of successes. Whichever side has the greatest number of successes determines the outcome of the task attempt. This Roll vs. Roll System without predetermined difficulty check targets, even the spymaster does not know what is going to happen!

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies Product Line

The following titles are currently available on Drive Thru RPG.

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies Agent Handbook

The core book offering all the information needed to play the game from the side of the agents (players) as well as the spymaster (game master). Included in the core book is an introductory manhunt (module) that gets you into the Game of Spies immediately.​

Spymaster Screen

Covered in useful tables on the inside for the spymaster to reference and a few player focused tables on the outside for quick reference. Keep the game going without having to dig through the Agent Handbook every time.​

W.I.R.E. Uncovered

The first manhunt (module) that introduces the players to the enemy group W.I.R.E. Designed for first level agents but can easily be adjusted for higher level agents if the spymaster desires.​

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies Agent Dossier

Printable character sheets for personal use. Also found in the Agent Handbook.​

Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies Spymaster Sheets

The combat system on Operation Espionage: A Game of Spies can benefit from a tracking sheet to assist in the combat order. This includes printable combat tracking sheets and mission dossier sheets for personal use. Also found in the Agent Handbook.​
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