Opinions on One More Quest (and dexterity-based RPGs)?


Hello everyone! I've recently read an article on Dicebreaker about the most interesting RPGs coming in 2022, and among them there was One More Quest, a "dexterity RPG" currently on Kickstarter. Its basic concept somewhat captured my curiosity, so I'd like to check if someone else has some thoughts about it before considering to make a pledge.

I never played Dungeon Fighter, the tabletop game from which the "dice-throwing on a target board" system is inspired from, so I checked a couple of videos and it seems quite funny for a family/party game but a strange choice for an RPG.
The only other RPG I played that requires some kind of "dexterity" is Dread with its Jenga tower-based mechanics, but something like this where you actually need to throw dices on a target, with various restrictions that makes the task more difficult (i.e: with your eyes closed, while jumping, using your elbow) seems pretty "unusual" to me even if I feel somewhat attracted from the basic idea.

I downloaded the Quickstart and watched a couple of gameplay videos on the campaign page, but I'd like to have an opinion from someone that actually played it, if possible. It's a very different title compared to the games I usually play (D&D, some PbtA and some other indie titles) and I'd like to have some more insights about it.

Thanks in advance to everyone who'd like to share a thought!

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