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Opponents from Unexpected Sources


Guide of Modos
Do you ever find monster inspiration from non-fantasy media? Post one here. Character sheet from game of your choice is optional.

Stoop Crone, level 3
Source: the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
An old woman (or creature) who hunts weak peasants (and hipsters) on stoops, stairs, or bridges. While her ugly appearance is unsettling, her primary weapons are heckling and a mean-looking club. She uses her engage skill to prevent her victims from ignoring her inflammatory comments, while she gets into range to strike.
Physical: 15, Mental: 8, Metaphysical: 10
Skills: summon vermin (summon 2) 1, engage 2
Perks: weapon training (club), owl's eye, off the mark
Gear: bastard club d10

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Staff member
Certainly! Anything is fair game: other RPGs, books, movies, cartoons, comics, music, art.

I yoinked Seshayans from Alternity (SF RPG)- eased by the D20 Modern conversion-to be a (potentially) decadent race rediscovering their past glories and itching to be on top again.

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