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Fish Priest
We have just published 3 interviews for the Opposed Roles podcast. The podcast is focused on the Mythras RPG but should be of interest to anyone who plays BRP-style and games with a historical interest.

Kristin's Sami-Norse campaign: (Animism part 2)

This is an interview with Kristin about her 11th Century Sami & Norse campaign set in the far north of Norway.

Kristin's Sami-Norse Campaign

Raleel's Shadowpunk: (Animism part 3)

Raleel talks about his rules adapting Shadowrun and Cyberpunk into the Mythras rules.

Shadowpunk - hacking cyberspace into Mythras

Dan True on Mythras Combat
Dan is a martial arts practitioner, teacher, and the writer of Mythras' combat modules. The upcoming "Book of Schemes" for Mythras is due for release later this year. There is a follow-up interview with Dan about his new book, but that will be released closer to the publication date.

Dan True on Combat

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