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Pathfinder 2E Optimalizing my Cleric-Bard-Champion


Hello! I'm about to start my first campaign using PF 2nd edition ruleset. My DM most often than not wants us to optimize our builds, because he likes to throw more challenging encounters than the book suggests (we are pushed to our limits in our current campaign, and i started the campaign as 19DEX 20 INT Bladesinger)
I have decided to go for a Cleric with Warpriest doctrine, but with some additional capabilities (we play with a free archetype rules). Basically the idea is to smite everything, everywhere, everytime. Cleric gives me a lot of high-level Harm casts that i can use to Channel Smite, and bard gives me access to Counter Perform and Occult Spell List. With Warpriest i have training in medium armor, and later on i grab heavy armor with Champion Dedication, that also grants me access to powerful Champion's Reaction. I believe it would be a strong character, but then again, i have not yet played in Pathfinder 2edition ruleset, so I'm not sure, and so i ask you to point out any and all weaknesses of this build, suggest improvements, and so on.

I have this build prepared for now:

Frilled Lizardfolk (+STR +WIS +CHA -INT)
Cleric of homebrew by my DM former fay turned god-like (+WIS) (the deity is Neutral Evil, but accepts followers of every alignmnet that will fight demons; i have a preference towards Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral, depending on the rest of the party to avoid too much conflicts)
  • Divine Ability: Charisma or Strength
  • Divine Font: harm or heal
  • Divine Skill: Performance
  • Favored Weapon: longspear, glaive
  • Domains: pain, sun, fire, creation, confidence, ambition, destruction
  • Cleric Spells: 1st: burning hands, 2nd: quench, 4th: wall of fire
Artist Background (+CHA + STR)

Ability Boosts

Lvl 1: +STR+CON+WIS+CHA (16 10 12 16 8 16)
Lvl 5: +STR+CON+WIS+CHA (18 10 14 18 8 18)
Lvl 10:+STR+DEX+CON+CHA (19 12 16 18 8 19)
Lvl 15:+STR+DEX+WIS+CHA (20 14 16 19 8 20)
Lvl 20:+DEX+CON+WIS+INT (20 16 18 20 10 20)

Ancestry Feats
Lvl 1: Reptile Rider
Lvl 5: Guided by the Stars
Lvl 9: Terrain Advantage
Lvl 13: Bone Investiture
Lvl 17: Scion Transformation

General Feats
Lvl 3: Toughness
Lvl 7: Prescient Planner
Lvl 11: Prescient Consumable
Lvl 15: Incredible Investiture
Lvl 19: Fleet

Skill Feats
Lvl 2: Virtuosic Performer
Lvl 4: Impressive Performance
Lvl 6: Intimidating Prowess
Lvl 8: Terrifying Resistance
Lvl 10: Battle Cry
Lvl 12: Terrified Retreat
Lvl 14: Disturbing Knowledge
Lvl 16: Specialty Crafting
Lvl 18: Legendary Performer
Lvl 20: Scare to Death

Cleric Class Feats
Lvl 2: Harming Hands
Lvl 4: Channel Smite
Lvl 6: Champion Dedication
Lvl 8: Domain Initiate (Zeal) Focus Spell - Weapon Surge
Lvl 10: Domain Initiate (Pain) Focus Spell - Savor the Sting
Lvl 12: Advanced Domain (Pain) Focus Spell - Retributive Pain
Lvl 14: Premonition of Clarity
Lvl 16: Cast Down
Lvl 18: Shared Clarity
Lvl 20: Maker of Miracles

Free Archetype Feats
Lvl 2: Bard Dedication
Lvl 4: Basic Bard Spellcasting
Lvl 6: Counter Perform
Lvl 8: Advanced Muse’s Whispers (Melodious Spell)
Lvl 10: Occult Breadth
Lvl 12: Expert Bard Spellcasting
Lvl 14: Diverse Armor Expert
Lvl 16: Champion's Reaction
Lvl 18: Master Bard Spellcasting
Lvl 20: Divine Ally

Skill Increases
Lvl 1: Trained in: Religion, Performance, Crafting
Lvl 2: Trained in: Occultism, Intimidation
Lvl 3: Expert Occultism
Lvl 5: Expert Intimidation
Lvl 7: Master Occultism
Lvl 9: Master Intimidation
Lvl 11: Expert Performance
Lvl 13: Master Performance
Lvl 15: Legendary Occultism
Lvl 17 Legendary Performance
Lvl 19 Legendary Intimidation

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