Kickstarter Orbital Debris is fully funded on Kickstarter!

Terry Herc

Fellow Recyclers!
We are so excited to announce that Orbital Debris is on Kickstarter and fully funded!

Orbital Debris is a moon-spanning junkyard hex-crawl for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. A sprawling, debris-collecting moon sporadically warps through space as its ancient core malfunctions. Centuries of troubled travel have left the moon a crumpled world of junk housing the remnants of great wars, catastrophes, and the memories of countless civilizations.

Explore 23 strange environments. Discover dangerous factions vying for power and control. Meet astonishing NPCs and learn incredible rumors. Unearth horrifying alien and technological threats. Plus, much more!

Created as a community collaboration between 13 authors and 5 artists, and coming in at 50+ pages in an A5-sized format, Orbital Debris is perfect for any Warden looking for their next campaign or looking to add more junk to their universe!

Back us on Kickstarter today!

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This is one of my favorite types of Mothership resources--a big toolkit filled with story hooks that could work with basically any SF game.

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