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WOIN Organizations


One of the big things that players can sink money into is starships. But what about setting up and funding a fleet? A network of spies to infiltrate and sabotage enemy corporations? Creating a bounty hunter agency to take on small jobs bringing in a steady flow of income. Securing mining rites in an asteroid field allowing you hiring teams to bring in even MORE money!

There are so many possibilities to creating an organization in a sci-fi setting but as is, there are no rules for it, and homebrewing is a possibility, but it could never be a finished project up to the standard of Morris.

Any chance of a future WOIN Organisation builder 😁

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
There are organization design rules... I guess it just needs monetary costs attached!


The rules in 1.2 are great for designing and creating an organization be it military or otherwise, and it’s clear how the players would benefit or be affected if they were part of a larger organization. The main thing I’m looking at, is about when the players now start to create their own organization and try to run that and seek an advantage in all areas.

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