Origins Awards Nominees Include Alien, Pathfinder, And More!

This year's Origins Award nominees have been announced. In the role-playing games category, we have Alien, Over the Edge, Pathfinder 2E, Star Crossed and Teens in Space.


Role-Playing Games
The Origins also have categories for board and card games, miniatures, and more. You can see the full list here.

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Baronet of Gaming
Really? From what I've seen mostly people bashed it.

I guess it depends where you look. Since EN World seems to be a pretty 5E dominated board these days, it doesn't surprise me that it isn't talked about much or praised much here. On the other hand, I can say that Pathfinder 2E has gotten mixed initial reviews, especially from people who just wanted an upgraded 3.X or a slightly more advanced 5E. Everyone else that doesn't fit into those two categories seems to like it to me.


Glad to see 2 indie games in the selection. Hope one of the two wins!

Always curious about Over the Edge. Too many games. Not enough time.

Aliens: That would be a compulsive buy. I have the excellent Coriolis Third Horizon already. Same system. Didn't play enough games.

Pathfinder: Nothing to say except «Welcome to the joys of edition wars suckers!» 🙃
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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I bought OTE because I have other two editions. I haven’t read it cover to cover, but the setting and premise are excellent. Sadly this is probably one if those games I will never get yo the table with my regular groups. Maybe a con one-shot.


I wrote it with Jonathan if you have questions. I picked up a digital copy! I've started reading it, and its mechanics are very....loose(?), which I think is cool. I like the traits and trouble and especially the question mark. I like games that examine character like this.

I haven't gotten much further yet, but will be diving in more as soon as I can. In the meantime, what other games might you compare it to, mechanically?

The setting seems really interesting, and I think once I get into that, it will help understand how the characters fit into the world better.


Wonder if Origins is going to happen this year? My fiancee and I were planning to go as a part of our honeymoon. Now it's even looking like our wedding is getting cancelled.

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