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[OT] I am engaged!!


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Wow!! Well, we dont have a scanner but as soon as i can find someone with a digital camera, ill get a pic of Randy and myself and my ring.

Thank you all for the much love and support and he calls me 'his little wife' so im ok with that. Hell, you all pretty much know that im practically a woman who wears mens clothes and has male genetalia LOL!!

My Final Fantasy game starts tonight and thanks again on the signature. Yes, the official homosexual mascot is finally getting married and looking forward to some good times ahead.

Next Sunday Randy doesnt work so we're going to drive around and start looking at churches. We both want something pretty and gothic. Thats just how we are.

A friend we kareoke with, her sister and her lover were married here in Georgia so shes going to get us some info and help us plan the wedding. i also bought The Essential Wedding Guide For Gays And Lesbians, so its helping as well.

Once again, thank you all so much. If anyone wants to come out to Georgia ... (my gaming group is aalready invited =) ) Just let me know so i can start planning!

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Pelosan Emperor

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Mistwell and Mythago are both correct: have the paperwork done quickly!

My partner and I had Durable Powers of Attorney for health care and financial decisions and living wills drawn up about 3 years ago. It's suprising how much peace-of-mind it provides.

One question: who's wearing white? :D


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Angelsboi said:

And thanks Hong but i dont drink beer. hell, i hardly drink. I do like wine and fruity drinks though LOL
In that case...


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LOL. thanks for the margarita. I like 'em swirled.

And no one is wearing white. he wants to but white looks bad on me (shut up).

Im planning on a black tux with a dark red or maybe a saphire blue.

And Pelosan Emperor ...

everytime i see your sig line it looks like Angel is fear in drag LOL!


What do other people have?

I hope you'll both be very happy together, and that the wedding goes swimmingly well. As for strippers... well, by my reckoning, your mother ought to get TWO in. One each... :D

PS. Excuse my ignorance, but I love your incredibly sexy little animation, but I've no idea what it's from. Can you enlighten me please? Anyone?
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well the bf is 42 (43 in Feb) but he does NOT look it. Diaglo, Olgar and the Jester can verrify that he does NOT look his age. We dont like strippers all that much so im sure we'll find something to do =)

As for my animatin, i belonged to an online Yahoo porn group and the animation was int he folder. i was like 'wow! Thats me! except i dont have blond hair =)

And so i took it =)


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Utrecht said:

Oh and daughters are EVIIIIIIL :D. Mine is about 18 months and she has learned the batting her eyes thing and I find myself thinking "Must......resist.....charm......."

Yes Congrats Angelsboi.
Hope you have a good wedding
*having mine in August of this year.*

As for little girls, I have an 11 month old who I am finding has learned the tricks of the charm spell..
She is my little devil but also my sweetheart... she could never do anything wrong..
*looking at her set fire to a house across the street* That's ok honey it was pretty cold, thanks for keeping us warm.... :D

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