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Other World Mapper is a new program in development by Three Minds Software, LLC and is currently up on kickstarter. It is designed so that detailed maps can be made quickly and easily.

Map Elements
All map elements are created on their own separate layer, so they are easy to move and manipulate.

There are 5 drawing tools:

  • Lands
  • Rivers
  • Bodies of Water
  • Regions
  • Roads

These tools are stored as vectors, so that the map elements can be rotated and scaled without losing resolution, and rasterized each time they are edited. All of them have their own customizable settings and options (pen type, amplitude, line thickness, opacity, color, texture, etc.). Lands, rivers and bodies of water can automatically generate shorelines, and regions can "follow" the outline of any drawn element.

Art for features, such as mountains and castles, can be imported to create a specific look to the map.

Other World Mapper will be DRM-free and royalty free.

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Big Mac

There is 25 hours to go and they are less than $3,000 away from funding the last stretch goal (for a Mac OS and Linux version).

Big Mac

They got $25,000 so the Mac OS/Linux version is going ahead. There are only a few hours left for people to jump onboard.

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