Our first review


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Former staff reviewer Jesse 'Tuerny' Dean was given a preliminary copy of Wild Spellcraft for advance-review purposes.

Please bear in mind that Tuerny does have a connection with EN World in that he was a staff reviewer before he moved away to college.

That said, he gives it a 5/5!!!

Wild Spellcraft should be on sale by the end of the week - hopefully sooner. A few mistakes and typos are being corrected right now, after which you should see it at RPGNow.com.

Woohoo!! :)

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*wiping up drool*

I'm waiting, though if I didn't have a job to distract me, I'd be more insane than I am now ;p. Desperately need new rules for my 3e wild mage...and I've seen a little bit of what Ryan's written before, so I have faith it'll be most excellent!

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