D&D 3E/3.5 Our fumble systems for 5E and Pathfinder/3E


I see a lot of fumble discussion, and I wanted to share what my groups do.

In Pathfinder / 3E
When you roll a natural 1, you reroll the D20. If your result on this roll is equal to or below your Base Attack Bonus, it is NOT a fumble. Thus, the 20th level fighter never fumbles.

When a fumble occurs, we use the Fumble decks to adjudicate. http://paizo.com/products/btpy8x9g?GameMastery-Critical-Fumble-Deck

In 5E
When you roll a natural 1, you reroll. If you strike the AC of your intended foe, it is not a fumble.
(Halflings reroll 2's in our games :))

When a fumble occurs, we use these charts (attached):

View attachment Fumble Charts - Google Docs.pdf

I honestly have no idea where I found them initially, as there is no author on the pages, but it was in some thread or other here on EN World iirc back in the PLaytest era of 5E. Perhaps the author sees it here, and if so, GREAT WORK! :)

Running the math on either of these will probably still result in "high level fighters fumbling more than rookies" but I haven't checked, and the systems work quite well for us.
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