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Over $40k raised in 3 days on my new Cyberpunk, glow in the dark handmade dice kickstarter

3 years ago I was depressed, lost my job, and was in a bad place. Got into dice making, and just launched my third dice kickstarter. The Cyberpunk collection. We have raised over $40k in under 3 4 days. It has really taken on of. I have been working on this collection for 10 months now, and to see all the reaction has been amazing If any of you want to join in on the fun, and get yoursleves some unique, dice that will be sure to brighten up your gaming sessions then

Checkout the kickstarter at THE CYBERPUNK COLLECTION

This has been a great journey in dice making, and I think they reults speak for themselves. The dice have turned out trully beautiful. And I think they would grace any tabletop session:)


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