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Homebrew Pack Leader Druid - A quanity-over-quality druid. Rough draft.



Pack Leader Druid​

Mystic Pack​

Starting at 2nd level, whenever you assume a wild shape below your maximum wild shape CR you may choose to summon a Mystic Pack, consisting of additional creatures of the same kind as your wild shape. You may summon no more than three creatures of CR 0, two creatures of CR 1/8, or one creature of CR 1/4. These creatures appear in unoccupied spaces within 60 feet of you that you can see. Creatures summoned in this way vanish whenever your wild shape ends.
Creatures in your Mystic Pack are friendly to you and your companions and obey your mental commands. In combat, your Mystic Pack takes its own, collective turn immediately after yours. As a bonus action on your turn, you can order your Mystic Pack to take an action on its turn. When you command multiple creatures using this ability, you must give them all the same command. You may decide the action the creatures take and where they move during their next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as guarding an area. If not given a command, your Mystic Pack only defends itself.
Whenever your maximum Wild Shape CR increases, you gain the ability to conjure one creature of your previous maximum Wild Shape CR as part of your Mystic Pack. In addition, the number of Mystic Pack creatures you can summon of each lower CR increases by 1 to a maximum of 3.

Strength in Numbers​

Also at 2nd level, each creature in your Mystic Pack gains as many temporary hit points as you do upon assuming your wild shape, and each has an AC equal to 12 + 1/4 your druid level if it would not otherwise be higher.

Rise Up​

Starting at 6th level, the natural weapons of both you and your Mystic Pack are considered magical whipe you are using a wild shape.
In addition, when you are reduced to 0 hit points while your Mystic Pack is summoned, you may spend your reaction to transfer your consciousness to a member of your Mystic Pack that you can see within 60 feet of you. Doing so results in the death of your previous body. Your new body’s statblock changes to reflect all of the normal benefits of one of your wild shapes, and you assume all of the conditions and effects the creature was subjected to prior to transferring your consciousness. Although the creature’s hit point maximum changes to your maximum, its hit points remain the same.
When your wild shape ends after transferring your consciousness in this way, you maintain possession of any equipment that had merged with your previous body when you assumed a wild shape, and you remain subjected to any conditions or effects which were supressed while you were using your wild shape.

Strange Company​

At 10th level, when you summon your Mystic Pack, you may replace any creatures you summon with another wild shape form you know of an equal or lower CR. The number of creatures you can summon is determined by the creature with the highest CR.
In addition, if you willingly end your wild shape early, the members of your Mystic Pack persist until the time limit of your wild shape expires, they die, or you choose to dismiss them (no action required).

Lead by Example​

At 14th Level, members of your Mystic Pack use the same game statistics you would use when adopting their form as a wild shape. In addition, when you are targeted by a spell of 5th level or lower, you may expend spell slots whose combined level is equal to or greater than the combined CR of your Mystic Pack to have the spell target them as well.

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