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(Paid, FoundryVTT, Mondays 6:45pEST) Planar Adventures Peculiar & Perilous, Book 2 (Level 10)

Distracted DM

Distracted DM
System: Level Up A5E
TTRPG platform: FoundryVTT+Discord
Time and Date: Mondays, 6:45pEST
Paid Game: $39/session
Session Time: ~3.5-4hrs incl. 15min break
Current Level: 10
2/5 seats open!

Synopsis: Traipse through the planes in a quest to preserve the balance between Law and Chaos!

BOOK 2: Your party has earned their home in Axis, hub of the worlds, but all is not well- corrupting decay has crept into the portals that join the planes, and the mythical city of Tanelorn is threatened. Can you collect the legendary sibling-weapons Blackrazor, Whelm, and Wave and put an end to the threat?!

The vibe of this campaign is heavily inspired by Planescape, of which I have been a big fan for a long time.

Adventure examples: Visiting the Pillar of Fire to steal a broken rod from the Brazen Sultan’s vaults. Negotiating with a Pit Fiend’s ink-devils for a client’s soul. Guarding an interplanar diplomat from Tiamat’s draconic assassins. Hitching a ride aboard a gith ship to the corpse of a dead god floating in the Sea of Dreams.


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