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(Paid, FoundryVTT, Thursdays 6:45pEST) The Night Below, Book 2 (Level 9)

Distracted DM

Distracted DM
System: Level Up A5E
TTRPG platform: FoundryVTT+Discord
Time and Date: Thursdays, 6:45pEST
Paid Game: $39/session
Session Time: ~3.5-4hrs incl. 15min break
Current Level: 9
2/5 seats open!

Synopsis: A sinister conspiracy from the World Below threatens Advaen- your home, friends, family, your world is under siege... but few know of the threat.
Delve into this "Underdark" to uncover and put a stop to a cataclysm! You will face the strange and grotesque inhabitants of that world, where allies are as rare as water in a desert- but foes are all the grains of sand beneath your feet.

BOOK 2: Your party has begun to explore the Underdark, discovering a dark alliance at the center of a plague of nightmares sweeping the worlds. You must bring battle to mind flayers, drow, and dark knights to find the source of these nightmares!


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