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Tyranny of the Moondrakes
Game System: D&D 5e

Date & Time: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays at 6 pm EST (one group each day)

Frequency: Weekly, 3-4 hours per session

Communication: Voice over Discord

Players Needed: 15 (5 for three groups)

About the Game:

Mortalkind has fallen. The ravenous moon consumed all light and its dragon children wielded the pale moonstone against all who stood against them. A vengeance perhaps righteously wrought. Glimmering white claws and blades gave birth to the Scourged, a fate worse than death.Now the world is a land of darkness, Scourged and dragons, bereft of light of the sun and under the constant gaze of the gaping eye of the False Moon.And yet, high atop the tallest mountain... bells toll. Wailing its call to warriors of yore, to heed its message of a fallen world that needs heroes to stand against the Tyranny of the Moondrakes.

Greetings and welcome to my LFG post for the Tyranny of the Moondrakes, a campaign inspired by the Soulsborne series of videogames with a focus on lore discovery, tough combat challenges and dramatic encounters within a world blanketed in darkness with only a gaping moon, a torch and one's will to keep going illuminating the way forward.

The world now is very much unlike the one you remember; the colours seem to be fading under the moonlight, creatures that were once man, elf and dwarf bereft of what one could consider life wander, and your own nature betwixt fire and moonlight. It is a rule of dragons, the scaly creatures wreaking a vengeance upon mortalkind to dethrone them and their sun forevermore. And now you are supposed to turn back the tide that has already passed in forgotten wars.

The Mortal Bell beckons you to fight however you may, and will do so until there is nothing but gray ash. Such fate... a curse and a blessing.

Techniques long lost, spells forgotten and gods long dead will be brought back by you, returning the weapons that slew dragonkind in myths and legends. What kind of warrior, sorcerer or priest you may have been, it will be your decision. For this is all that is left.

Onto specifics:

  • The game will be played on Friday/Saturday/Sunday Evenings with one group for each day at 6 PM EST with sessions lasting around three to four hours.
  • Each session costs 10$ to attend per player with Session 0 and Session 1 being free of charge. Payment is done through PayPal or Ko-Fi.
  • A party of 5 is expected which is comprised of any standard class and human, dwarf, elf, gnome and halfling in each group.
  • Starting level is 3 - you play the part of warriors who fell in the Moonlit Wars of the past.
  • The game has a significant focus on exploration, lore-seeking and challenging combat with significant risk of death - death is not the end, however. Roleplay opportunities will be mostly player-driven in how your characters understand, see and deal with the world, enemies and possible fates in front of them.
  • Experience has a dual role - not only does it represent a character's closeness to the next level, but also how much is at stake with death creeping around every corner. A character loses all of their experience towards the next level upon death and subsequent rebirth. This experience may be recovered.
If you are interested, feel free to apply below with the day slot desired. I hope to hear from this forum!

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