Paizo And Dynamite Entertainment Host Pathfinder Livestream With Pathfinder And Starfinder Adventure

Today Paizo and Dynamite Entertainment will hold an eight hour live event on Twitch to mark the release of a new Pathfinder Worldscape bundle at the Humble Bundle site. The livestream will be broadcast from the Paizo headquarters on October 11th, starting at 11am Pacific time. "Kicking things off is "War for the Worldscape," a multi-genre adventure based on Dynamite’s Pathfinder Worldscape comic, GM'd by Paizo Publisher and Pathfinder Worldscape author Erik Mona. The marathon will also include a live game demo and an audience Q&A with the Starfinder RPG design team. Pathfinder Society developer John Compton will host "Year of the Risen Rune" to wind up the all-day gaming marathon."

The schedule for the Twitch stream will be (again, all times are Pacific):

11am-1pm: Pathfinder RPG: War for the Worldscape (GM: Erik Mona)
1pm-2pm: Pathfinder Worldscape Q&A (Erik Mona and Christopher Paul Carey)
2pm-4pm: Starfinder RPG Live Demo (GM: Owen K. C. Stephens)
4pm-5pm: Starfinder RPG Q&A (Starfinder RPG Design Team)
5pm-7pm: Pathfinder Society: Year of the Risen Rune (GM: John Compton)

Paizo's Twitch channel can be found here and the bundle at Humble Bundle, featuring comics from Dynamite Comics, fiction and Pathfinder RPG books from Paizo and some exclusive, unpainted miniatures from Ninja Division, can be found here.



Recently got on board the PF comics train; Dynamite does a much better job with the license than IDW has been doing with D&D, which has dropped off precipitously since the excellent run by John Rogers years ago. I prefer the straight-Golarion stories, but Worldscape was a fun diversion.

Olaf the Stout

Does anyone know how many of the comics in this Humble Bundle offering are an overlap from previous Pathfinder comic Humble Bundles?


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