Paizo News: Dynamite Launches Comics Kickstarter

Dynamite Entertainment announces a new Kickstarter to produce hardcover editions of Pathfinder: Wake the Dead, Starfinder: Angels of the Drift, and Pathfinder: Worldscape.


Dynamite Entertainment just announced, and launched, a new Kickstarter. For fans of the Pathfinder and Starfinder graphic novels, you can now get hardcover editions of the newest Pathfinder and Starfinder novels: Pathfinder: Wake the Dead and Starfinder: Angels of the Drift, as well as collecting crossover specials in Pathfinder: Worldscape.

Each volume will have playable RPG content, digital downloads, and more. Pathfinder: Wake the Dead will include the PDF for Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook, Starfinder: Angels of the Drift is gets the Starfinder Core Rulebook PDF, Pathfinder: Worldscape will include the Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary PDF. For the fans who back all three books, they will also get the PDF for Starfinder Alien Archive.

Pathfinder: Worldscape
Volume 3 will bring together many never before multiversal crossovers including: Worldscape: Vampirella, Worldscape: Dejah Thoris, Worldscape: Reanimator, and Worldscape: Swords of Sorrow.

More information about Pathfinder: Wake the Dead and Starfinder: Angels of the Drift can be found in our previous announcement articles.

Supporters of the Kickstarter can also add on previous volumes of the Pathfinder comics to their pledge, including the recent Pathfinder: Fumbus. Go to the Kickstarter page to learn more, including the stretch goals and sketch art covers, and back the project.
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