Pathfinder 2E Paizo announced Tian Xia World Guide, Character Guide, and the Season of Ghosts adventure path.


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A world guide and a players guide.

Hi everyone, James here with some news! Starting this fall, Pathfinder will be turning the globe a bit as we head to a region we know a lot of you have been waiting for. Eleanor, James Jacobs, and I—not to mention the rest of the team and a stellar list of authors—are proud to announce the setting of the next few Pathfinder projects coming down the road: Tian Xia! Starting at the end of this year and continuing into 2024, we’ll be diving into this region like never before to bring you adventures, stories, and character options inspired by this land, so let’s take a look at what’s coming up!


Lastly, we couldn’t have put these books together without an amazing team of writers! The Lost Omens Tian Xia books are brought to you by Eren Ahn, Jeremy Blum, Alyx Bui, James Case, Banana Chan, Connie Chang, Rick Chia, Hiromi Cota, Hans Chun, Theta Chun, Dana Ebert, Basheer Ghouse, John Godek III, Joan Hong, Sen H.H.S., Michelle Jones, Joshua Kim, Daniel Kwan, Dash Kwiatkowski, Jacky Leung, Jesse J. Leung, Monte Lin, Jessie “Aki” Lo, Adam Ma, Liane Merciel, Ashley Moni, Kevin Thien Vu Long Nguyen, Collette Quach, Andrew Quon, Kyra Arsenault Rivera, Christopher Rondeau, Joaquin Kyle "Makapatag" Saavedra, Shahreena Shahrani, Kienna Shaw, Philip Shen, Tan Shao Han, Mari Tokuda, Ruvaid Virk, Viditya Voleti, Grady Wang, Emma Yasui, and Jay Zhang.

Looks like it's in support of the Seasons of the Ghost adventure path.

Season of Ghosts will take your PCs from 1st to 12th level over the following volumes!

  • The Summer that Never Was, by Sen H.H.S.
  • Let the Leaves Fall, by Joan Hong, with additional articles by Tan Shao Han and Grady Wang
  • With No Breath to Cry, by Dan Cascone & Eleanor Ferron, with additional articles by Jeremy Blum, Dana Ebert, Joshua Kim, and Michelle Y. Kim
  • To Bloom below the Web, by Liane Merciel, with additional articles by Jeremy Blum, Joshua Kim, and Michelle Y. Kim
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