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Paizo just announced they are changing their process for errata. Instead of waiting to tie the errata to the reprint of the book it was in, they will now release errata twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. This will allow them to respond to issues and questions in a more timely manner.

In addition to the announcement, Lead Designer Logan Bonner went over a few of the errata coming out which coincides with the fourth printing of the core rule book.

The biggest change will be with alternate ancestry boosts. This change allows character to choose two free ability boosts from any ancestry. This is to show a wider nuance to the history of the world and characters in it. Players can still use the ancestry's printed options, but now have the option to add more breadth to their character if they choose.

The other big change will be with the alchemist becoming more flexible. With new options coming out in Treasure Vault, this will allow them more flexibility in choosing items for their research field. Alchemists with the chirurgeon field can choose elixirs with healing traits and can substitute their Crafting proficiency rank for anything requiring a proficiency rank in Medicine, including prerequisites. Because they can now choose items that heal HP, there is a ten minute window where characters who gained Hit Points from a perpetual infusion are immune to gaining more Hit Points from subsequent infusions.

Most of the other changes are smaller, like having the soothe spell's wording changed from "1 willing living creature" to "1 willing creature." They did downgrade the gnome flickmace because it was a bit overpowered for a one-handed reach weapon. They reduced its damage, but gave it the sweep trait. A lot of the other errata just clarify where there were two different wordings in the book as to which one was correct or to add in missing information.

For a full list of the errata just announced, as well as previous ones, check out their FAQ page.
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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton


More frequent Errata will definitely make the community happy, especially for things that will never see a reprint like Adventure Path specific feats.

Something to note with the new Ancestry Boost options is that they replace the old method of Voluntary Flaws. The old Voluntary Flaws rule of taking two flaws for one boost is gone. Now there's just the option for replacing whatever your boosts and flaws were with two free boosts. Since most of what Voluntary Flaws was used for was letting you play an Ancestry with a flaw in a class's key score, this is mostly a minor change, but it's there.

I spent a good while yesterday trying to think of ways to break replacing current boosts with two free, but I couldn't think of that much. You're either getting rid of problematic flaws (poppet dex flaw comes to mind) and simply being on curve for that class, or you make yourself a little more general instead of more specialized. If I have one complaint with the new boost schema, it makes the Ancestries that are one locked-in boost and one free boost seem a little lamer in hindsight, ie the Con+Free Ancestries in Impossible Lands.

As for the gnome flickmace, I would have given it Disarm instead of Sweep. Sweep is still too good for it, especially because of the Swipe feat and the strength of Flail's critical specialization effect. Disarm is far more situational and still within the domain of flail-type weapon traits.


Small Ball Archmage
Love to know why it took them 13 years to come up with the "twice a year errata" policy.

It feels like these TTRPG companies think as slow as the damned Ents in LotR
I think there was a fear that they'd get backlash from a more aggressive errata process from gamers who don't want their physical books to be invalidated, and a desire to keep the amount of errata down in general from the perception that a large errata list would make the game seem broken and unplayable, in reality I think they were underestimating the portion of their audience that might collect physical books, but play off of Archives of Nethys, or at least PDFs, which are much more convenient to update on an ongoing basis, as well as the built up tolerance to rules changes from patches in the video game sphere.

Like, they could probably just start releasing regular balance patches to polish everything up on an ongoing basis and very few people would care.


The Alchymist thing specifically is going to make me very happy đź‘Ť

our group has been playing it that way for a while now anyway.

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