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Paizo News: Organized Play Previews, Pathfinder Comic, Kobold Sale, Stolen Fate

The latest Starfinder and Pathfinder news.

A new Starfinder Bounty and Pathfinder Quest, inside the Pathfinder comic, Kobold Press moving sale, Stolen Fate Player's Guide.

Organized Play Adventures

The Year of Redemption's Rise is coming to an end with the final adventure: Starfinder Society Scenario #5-16: To Catch a King. The time has come to join Radaszam in his quest for redemption. Infiltrate a group of Starfinder imposters and reveal them to the media to sway public opinion about the Starfinder Society.

Get yourself hired to find an eccentric dragonkin explorer in Starfinder Bounty #8: Lost Dragon’s Legacy. When Vidrizix goes off to find the lair of a long-deceased dragon and doesn't return, his friends hire a band of adventurers to brave the frigid winter and bring him back safe.

Meet with the council of Segada to gain the permission the Pathfinder Society needs to travel to have a broken star gun repaired in Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-12: Negotiations for the Star Gun. But be wary, a spy may be hidden in the ranks of the council, trying to find more about the star gun and how to use it to bring power to Aslynn.

You have been chosen to defend Marcos Farabellus's pride in Pathfinder Series 2 Quest #14: The Swordlord's Challenge. An old friend of the Society has challenged Marcos to three contests of wit, skill, and battle prowess and it's up to you to beat her best students.

Pathfinder Comic

Wake the Dead brings a new party of Iconics to the table. While these characters have appeared in the comics before, this will be the first time they will adventure together. Those who've read Guns & Gears will remember Harsk, the dwarf ranger. He's agreed to take on a mission for the Society while awaiting the return of his regular adventuring party: meeting a defector from the undead nation of Geb with valuable intel.

The Firebrands have sent both Lem (a bard and diva) and Sajan (a stoic monk on a quest to find his sister). In exchange for Sajan's help, the Firebrands will help him pick up his sister's cold trail. The Knights of Lastwall also want in on the action. They've sent Seelah, a paladin with no love for Geb or undead in general. Quinn the investigator has also been hired by a mysterious client. A mystery he can only solve by bringing the defector to Alkenstar. The last to round out the party is a Gebbite necromancer, Nyctessa. She too has her own agenda when it comes to the defector.

While they show up to meet with the defector, only one can take them away. Will they turn on each other or work together to survive? Pathfinder: Wake the Dead comes out in June 2023!

Kobold Press Moving Sale

The Kobold Press goblins have been sharing space with the Paizo goblins for years, but now the time has come for them to move their warren to another warehouse. Because kobolds are on the small side, they are looking to unload some loot before they move. Until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on June 30, 2023, they are offering 60% off select 5E titles and 80% off select Kobold quarterly, 13th Age, and 4E titles. Help a kobold out and build your collection at the same time!

Stolen Fate Player's Guide

If you are looking to join the Stolen Fate Adventure Path, be sure to download the free Stolen Fate Player's Guide. Inside, you'll find harrow-themed player options (including a new sorcerer bloodline), six new backgrounds, character suggestions to help you make the most of this Adventure Path, and full rules on the first four harrow cards. What kind of strange visions will you be granted? What other cards can you hunt down and claim?

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