Paizo News: PaizoCon Online Wrap Up

Pathfinder Remastered, Lost Omens: Highhelm, Starfinder Enhanced, Pathfinder Adventures, and more.

Catching up on spoilers and news about Pathfinder Remastered, Lost Omens: Highhelm, Starfinder Enhanced, Pathfinder Adventures, and more.


If you opted to spend your PaizoCon Online 2023 playing games, don't worry, we watched the Twitch streams to make sure we were caught up on all of the spoilers and news that Paizo put out. The Keynote speech hinted at all of the things Paizo has in the works and the panels that followed expanded on and gave us spoilers for new books and adventures.

Pathfinder Remastered

First things first, the full color cover reveal. The sketches we saw of the covers will be the ones you can buy at your FLGS. Player Core and GM Core will be out in November with Monster Core and Player Core 2 out early next year.

The goals of these books are pretty straight forward: streamline the game, make it easier to enter the game by dividing GM content from player content, and get the books under the ORC license. You can still use any of your old books with no to minor tweaks.

Alignment has been removed from everything. This is partially because things like law and chaos only showed up along good and evil and partially because edicts and anathema cover those ideas in a better way. Clerics will have the option to sanctify themselves, gaining either the holy or unholy trait, and access to spells that become holy when you cast them.

There will be a new damage type: sprit. Spirit damage can be sanctified and works on incorporeal beings. Schools of magic will be removed due to the OGL.

Leshy and Orc have been added to the Ancestries and all Orc feats will be collected in this book instead of scattered everywhere. Versatile heritages makes it so you can mix and match heritages with more than half-human. Nephilim will be taking the place of Aasimar and Tiefling due to legalities with the OGL. Another versatile heritage we will see are Changelings.

Bards are getting more details about the muses and proficiency with all martial weapons. Anything dealing with Cleric's alignment got reworked, along with the warpriest getting master proficiency with the deity's favored weapon and expert in martial weapons. Druids got a tune up, including custom spell shaping abilities. They removed the open trait from Fighters as it was intuitive. Warden Spells have become core to Rangers and reworked the Crossbow Ace feat. Rogues are now trained in all martial weapons.

Witch has gotten one of the biggest reworks of the classes. The patrons are more specific and relevant. Familiars gain cool and unique abilities from the Witch's patron. As well as new feats that can turn a broom or polearm into a flying broom or have your patron use your familiar as a portal to reach out and grab your enemy's soul.

Wizards are going back to school and learning curriculums, such as The School of Battle Magic that lets you learn war-centric spells for the battlefield. This allows lots flavor and the ability to add new schools to reflect different parts of the setting. Wizards will also be getting weapon proficiencies.

Spell components are being reworked into manipulate and concentrate traits. This is to get rid of the holdover from the OGL. Some spells will be renamed, some will be replaced. Tree Shape will be replaced with One With Plants. A few spells will be compressed together: Light is now both Light and Dancing Lights. Condition removal spells will be stronger and focused around conditions as well as temporarily shutting off the condition if it doesn't counteract it completely.

The GM Core will make everything easier to find and is broken up into four sections: Running the Game, Building Adventures, Subsystems and Rules Variants, and Magic Items and Treasure. Subsystems were updated and adjusted to make them more player friendly, such as the research subsystem. More vehicles are added including a hot air balloon. The planes have had their names changed to use more Golarion terms and will include the new planes from Rage of Elelments.

Magic item activations now have a named activation to thematically tell you what it does. Talismans are easier to use and will be pulling more of their own weight. Reinforcing runes will be able to be added to shields to make them harder and more durable. Assistive items were added like corrective lenses, hearing aids, and wheelchairs.

Rage of Elements

Kineticists will continue to have their impulses. Composite Impulses will allow you to mix two elements together like a lightning rod where you throw a metal rod across the battlefield to call down a bolt of lightning. You will have to option to focus solely on one element or collect them all.

Each element will be getting its own chapter with new adventure possibilities, new spells, items, and monsters. Wood and Metal will be added to the current list of elements.

A big theme of this book is about choosing your elemental philosophy to take it beyond the four Greek elements. Every element will be getting a troop for you to do hordes of elementals, like the Avalanche Legion.

If you want genies, you’re getting genies with new lore.

How of the Wild

If you want creatures, this is the book! Lots of classic monsters are getting new variants and expansions. There will be hydras that eat starmetals to gain special abilities. Spellsong Lyrebird is a wizard’s attempt at creating a familiar that could help him cast spells, but has now become an invasive species that can cast spells independently.

There will be six new playable ancestries including Minotaur and Centaur. Minotaurs will be getting their own version of the Fastball Special. Centaurs will be able to be ridden for an interesting twist on mounted combat.


There are four levels to Highhelm: Kings Crown. Kings Heart, Stonebreech, and the Depths. Each level has its own character. The first adventure in the Sky King’s Tomb Adventure Path will take place almost solely in Highhelm.

While you are born into a specific Dwarven clan, there is nothing keeping you from switching as you grow up. Each clan focuses on different thing professionally.

Grindlegrubs are a domesticated grub that is the Dwarven equivalent of a cow. They make great steaks. They live on waste, removing the need for the city to have a sewer system.

Tian Xia

There will be six new ancestries. Samsarans were people who drank from a mystical spring, causing them to bleed water instead of blood and reincarnate. Tanukis use their big bellies for mystical power and can shapeshift into inanimate objects. Wayangs are native from the shadow plane and utilize shadows through different feats.

Pathfinder Adventures

Harrow Deck is delayed due to a production error with the box. Sky King’s Tomb AP will be a three parter starting in Highhelm and taking you deep underground. Season of Ghosts AP will be four parts and horror themed starting in October. Rusthenge will be a standalone adventure where strange happenings have been going on in Iron Harbor and it’s up to you to find out what’s going on.

Seven Dooms for Sandpoint is Adventure Path #200, coming in March 2024! This 200 page adventure will be taking us back to Sandpoint, where we started out in AP #1 Burnt Offerings. This will be for levels 4-11 and is an adaptation of the original Paizo office campaign. It will be available in both hardcover and softcover.


In the Sky King’s Tomb backmatter, there will be a lot of new creatures (like the Algothullu and Ulatkini), everything you ever wanted to know about cave worms, new archetypes, and new items. New items include relics and long forgotten Dwarven artifacts.

Lots of random dungeons connect to the Darklands, not just Highhelm. Because a lot of Darklands is based in OGL, ‘Return to the Darklands’ will retcon previously revealed information. This includes Drow. In their place will be the Serpentfolk, who are now the bad guys of the Darklands and are trying to take over the world.

Cavern elves are now called Ayindilar, Umbral Gnomes are Drathnelar, and Subterranian dwaves are Hryngar. Hryngar will no long be taking slaves, instead they recruit you into their pyramid schemes.

Starfinder Enhanced

This book is going to have options for days for both players and GMs. New themes such as the battle medic, rancher, vid gamer, personal trainer, and street magician. New speces including playable holograms with hardlight bodies, Skiridates who have sonic breath weapons, Novians who are the embodiments of tiny dying stars, and more. Tons of new achetypes: Armored Visionary, Autocite, Exalted Champion, Major League Coach, Counselor, Menagerie Manager, and more.

Over 90 new feats! Arcane Ripost allows you to deal spell damage even if you fail to cast a spell because of AoE. Gag Gift is a dirty trick to put a grenade on someone. Starship Officionado inspires once per Starship combat without a check.

Four Enhanced Classes: Envoy, Solarian, Technomancer, and Witchwarper. The Envoy will be less pigeonholed as a support character by allowing things like an Inspiring Combo (doing a full action and using one of your improvisations). Solarians will now be allowed to advance attunement and spend attunement points without needing all three. Technomancers gain a technomatic talent every three levels. Witchwarpers get a pool of uses of Infinite Worlds per day that don’t affect their spell slots.

All classes got four pages of new stuff, in addition to the two pages each Enhanced Class has. Evolutionist got Divine Niche, Operative has a Mysterious Benefactor, Mystics gain new Connections, Biohacker has Hypermycology, and Precog gains the Seer Anchor.

There will be rules for designing spells as well as new spells and rituals.

New creature companions including bone familiars, vividile (they eat radiation), and Liminals.

Tons of new equipment! New rules for scaling equipment and customizing it.

There will be rules for narrative starship combat which is more flavor driven. GMs will have alternate skill DCs, Free Archetype rules, Milestone leveling, and new uses for Resolve Points.

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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton

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Unless you're doing a market study, who cares?

If your goal is to get new hard copy PF1 material that you didn't produce yourself, it's not of concern whether 10 other customers bought it or 10 million.
Given how much Paizo has been criticized about their employee pay, it should help reasonable people understand why Paizo has no interest in hiring a small team to keep supporting PF1e. I think that's what @Parmandur was getting at.

Rage of the Elements is the new book coming out in August focusing on elemental powers and a new class which uses them, the Kineticist. I have heard over and over that it's a fairly beloved class, but having never played it I'm interested to see if they recapture that feeling.

Howl of the Wild is a book new enough that it does not yet have a store page. It's meant to focus on wild animals and adds some new Ancestries to dozens already there, though this looks like the first instance of honest-to-Abadar large-sized characters. I don't believe it has a set release date yet.

Lost Omens: Highhelm is a book covering the main stronghold of Dwarven culture in Avistan, the titular Highhelm. It looks like it is going to cover the city as well explore Dwarven culture, religion, and other things.

Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide and Lost Omens: Tian Xia Character Guide are a set of books meant to cover the Asian-inspired continent of Tian Xia. People are very excited for the treatment given the positive reception of Lost Omens: The Mwangi Expanse and to a lesser extent Lost Omens: Impossible Lands that we will be getting more of the same, but with two books instead of one. Tian Xia already had a lot of interesting ideas along with having a lot of different cultures, but it'll be nice to see them fleshed out with Paizo's more recent sensibilities.

The Darklands are Pathfinder's version of the Underdark, which is getting a facelift due to OGL concerns and is seemingly becoming Pathfinder's answer to the Underdark, if that makes sense. Much like with the upcoming Core Remaster, they are taking elements out or modifying them to be more original. Some of those are definitely more controversial than others, but it looks like they are sunsetting Drow for a variety of reasons. You can read a more in-depth summary here from our own @The-Magic-Sword , who did live summaries of all the presentations from Paizocon.
Thanks! I only knew about the last two. Appreciated.


I hope Pathbuilder integrates all of these changes into the character builder. I really don't want to pay PF Nexus prices.


Way more excited about PF2R then OneD&D!

Anyone here actually going to replace the books they've already bought for these new ones? Although I like the changes, not sure it's enough for me to switch over...

Way more excited about PF2R then OneD&D!

Anyone here actually going to replace the books they've already bought for these new ones? Although I like the changes, not sure it's enough for me to switch over...

Yeah, I probably am (though I've been a Rules Subscriber for a while). At the very least, a cleaned-up and better-organized version of the core rules is worth it to me, with the bonus that I'm (hopefully) getting a way better, more distinct version of the Witch and a better Warpriest.

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