Pathfinder 2E Paizo Shares Color Covers Of Pathfinder Remaster

At Paizocon today, Paizo revealed the final color covers of two of the upcoming remastered core rulebooks.


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Jolly Ruby

The colours in these covers looks better than previous covers, I feel the muddied tones from 1e and original 2e didn't stand the test of time. By the way, the Wayne Reynolds' style that I always liked is sleek in these covers, I love it.

Apparently it's a non OGL dragon - "diabolical" I think they call it.
Ah yes, I forgot PF2 is remaking their dragons to shed that element of the OGL. The classic chromatic and metallics are being replaced with two each for each of the four source of magic (arcane, divine, occult, and primal) for a total of eight new dragons. (This is assuming I read this somewhere and didn’t just dream it.)

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