Paizo Product Roundup: December

Welcome back my fellow Golem devotees! The weather has taken a severe turn towards the nippy, frost tantalizes the morning commute, and it’s been a hot minute since our last encounter – it’s time for the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! In this edition, we’re catching up on all the releases planned for December – and I see a few stocking stuffers!
We start our quest through the twelfth month by following the next chapters of the ongoing Adventure Paths for both Starfinder and Pathfinder. Starfinder fans have been following the Attack of the Swarm Adventure Path, and this month sees the release of the fifth in a six-volume series. Last time, in the Attack of the Swarm… A desperate gamble! Your heroes flee before the ever-ravenous tide that is the insectile swarm. Now, having secured a Hylaxian monastery known as the Forever Reliquary, it is time to attempt a bit of derring-do full of danger and potential reward – an expedition into the hive mind of the Swarm itself! Will your heroes secure a beachhead in an infinite, hostile mindscape? How will they fare against the embodiment of the Swarm’s interconnected minds?! HOW LONG TILL YOUR GM TEARS OUT THEIR HAIR ONCE THEY REALIZE PSIONICS ARE BACK, BABEY?! Find out for yourself in STARFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #23: HIVE OF MINDS!


Now, on to Pathfinder. Last time, in the Age of Ashes Adventure Path… From victory into peril! Your heroes have been dismantling a sinister cabal of cultists and conspirators known only as the Scarlet Triad. In what should be their final stroke of victory, the ringleaders of the Triad are defeated – only to reveal that the real puppetmaster is not only the sovereign ruler of an island nation, but also an ancient gold dragon! A devastating avatar of a violent dragon-god appears and seems to confirm the worst suspicions and prophecies…but what is the endgame of a duel between dragons? What does Mengkare have planned for Golarion, and will it end…in an AGE OF ASHES?! Find out for yourself in PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #150: BROKEN PROMISES!


But I promised you stocking stuffers, did I not? And stocking stuffers Paizo provides! Two more Pocket editions are coming to the storefronts this December: the Monster Codex Pocket Edition and the Horror Adventures Pocket Edition. I know I’ve gotten an incredible amount of value out of content from both of these books – my characters will never look at an innocuous bramble patch the same way again – so hearing that they are coming to pocket-sized is welcome news.


Short and sweet, but that about does it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! I think we’re off to an excellent cap to the year, and the end of the Age of Ashes AP means we can start a new saga fresh in 2020. 2020?! Oh no. Where does time go?
Ben Reece


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