Paizo Roundup: Huskworld, Haunted City, Lost Omens

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a little while and it looks like we’re enjoying all the little announcements about what’s to come from Paizo 2E, but what big meaty products are due for us soon? That question must mean it’s time for the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! October is fairly light, it seems, and looks to feature primarily just the continuation of two Adventure Paths and the Lost Omens Character Guide, which has been spoiled and teased to high heaven. Regardless, let’s take a deeper look!


We kick things off with the next chapter of the Attack of the Swarm! Starfinder Adventure Path! The extrasolar threat known only as the Swarm continues its rampage unchecked, and things are looking desperate for your heroes. Of course, when things are at their most dire is when the faintest spark of hope shines brightest, and this idea comes to life when your character travel to Chuuva to find clues to defeating the swarm. Can you make it to the holy site of the insect goddess Hylax and return with your prize? Will the resistance fighters you find give you enough time to do it? WHICH OF YOUR HEROES IS DUMB ENOUGH TO TAKE ON THE SWARM TITAN DRAINING AN ENTIRE PLANET? Find out for yourselves in STARFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #21: HUSKWORLD!


Taking a bit of a step back in time, we find ourselves in the next chapter of the Age of Ashes Pathfinder Adventure Path. Your heroes have been unravelling a vast conspiracy of murder and machination only to find that the puppeteers at the center – known as the Scarlet Triad – have fled to the Five Kings Mountains. To dig them out and give them their due, you must navigate a landscape that is deadly both physically and politically. Can you forge the alliances you need before an ancient dragon comes down to crush all resistance? What will you bargain to make ties with a millenias-old dwarven king? What can you bargain to a dwarf who is dead? Find out for yourselves in PATHFINDER ADVENTURE APTH #148: FIRES OF THE HAUNTED CITY!


Much digital ink has already been spilled about the Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide, but we here at the Paizo News Roundup would be remiss if it were not included in a Paizo News Roundup. It’s in the name of the piece, after all! Players are getting most of the toys in this one, as can be expected, with three new ancestries, ten new heritages, over a hundred new ancestry feats, ten new archetypes, and a partridge and a pear tree (wait, still a few months too early for that joke). GMs will probably also get some mileage out of the different organizations presented here as well, although with all their flexing with player toys I’m not sure how much space they’re going to have in just 136 pages. Save that for the next splatbook, I guess!

Well, that about does it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! What are you excited for in the coming month? To absolutely no one’s surprise, I’m looking forward to trying out a lizardfolk character. Something about a druid who considers their halfling rogue an emergency snack adds so much zest to party interactions. Till next time, my lovelies!
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