Paizo Update: Cult of Cinders, Tomorrow Must Burn, Fate of the Fifth, and More!

Hello again my darling Paizo fans! The air has turned crisp, the sky is blue, the leaves are darkening, and it’s time for yet another PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! We’ve recovered from the lengthy review of Pathfinder second edition just in time to catch up on August and September release announcements, which are (checks notes) mostly Pathfinder first edition! I kid, I kid – there’s some Starfinder in there as well. But enough dilly-dallying, on with the news!


All joking aside, it’s been a hot minute since we last checked in on some of the Adventure Paths, so let’s get up to speed. The Age of Ashes AP has in fact had two new release announcements, and that’s for Pathfinder 2E! We find that the intrepid heroes of last adventure were successful in claiming and defending the citadel atop the fearsome Hellknight Hill, but now must contend with the portals found in the basement. What terrors await through the mysterious portals? What nefarious plots are being hatched? Find out for yourself in PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #146: CULT OF CINDERS!


Once you’ve dealt with the Cult (and it is always a cult), it’s time to deal with the real movers and shakers – a merchant’s guild of malcontents known as the Scarlet Triad. They’ve set up shop in the recently-founded nation of Ravounel and are setting up a slave trade – or perhaps, something worse! Get down there and kick some conspirator butt in PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #147: TOMORROW MUST BURN!


Now, then, back to the future. We start our check-in with Starfinder to discover that there is yet another Alien Archive knocking on our door! Starfinder Alien Archive 3 gives us over 100 new life-forms, new and old, to find, marvel at, and shoot with lasers in your next Starfinder game. New dragons? Check. Possibly-brain-eating flayer leeches that are totally original? Check! Monsters that sound like a fistful of Scrabble tiles? The spiral-winged irokiois say check, check, check! And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Paizo release without another chapter or two to bloat out character creation options – find new playable species in these pages, as well as new armor, weapons, magic items, and creature companions!


Then, once you’ve been all kitted out and your GM has plenty of new toys to play with, dive into the latest chapter of the current Starfinder Adventure Path! We start of the Attack of the Swarm! AP on the peaceful world of Suskillon just as it is invaded by the ravenous and insectile Swarm. Can your heroes hold out long enough to rescue any civilians and discover the secrets of a mysterious Hylaxian temple? Find out for yourself in STARFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #19: FATE OF THE FIFTH!


With the Swarm hot on your tail (and even some as stowaways!) you heroes must flee to the overcrowded metropolis of New Grakka. There’s cultists aplenty disrupting the readiness efforts, and you must deal with them as you fix up a shelter for the entire city and help solve an ancient mystery all at the same time! See if you’ve got what it takes in STARFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #20: THE LAST REFUGE!


Ironically, we have just enough space to squeeze in a mention of the latest Pocket Editions coming your way. Rounding out the mini-catalog is the Villain Codex Pocket Edition and the Bestiary 6 Pocket Edition, perfect for a GM on the go with some uppity players to school.

And that about does it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! Keep a weather eye out for more on September releases as they arrive!

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Ben Reece

Ben Reece


Relaxed Intensity
Has Paizo said if the Gamemastery guide will have guidelines for creating NPCs and advice on putting together stat blocks?

It will. There will be rules and detailed advice for creating monsters and NPCs (largely the same thing). There will also be a collection of 60 ready to use NPCs.

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