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Paizo Update: The Latest on Tyrant's Grasp, Dawn of Flame, and Age of Ashes Adventure Paths...Plus P

Hello again my Paizo lovelies, it’s yet another edition of the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! Last time around we covered the coming of Pathfinder Second Edition. This time we have a radio-voice-heavy edition where we get to take a crack at all the fun and adventure still left in First Edition, as well as what quests await us in the misty lands of future editions. Let’s get cracking!

The Tyrant’s Grasp Adventure Path is reaching its climax in August with it sixth and final installment. When last we left your heroes, they were scrambling with uncertain allies to gain untested weapons against an ancient and implacable foe, the Whispering Tyrant. Now, at the cusp of his victory, the undead lord turns all of his attention to a tiny border fortress in a far-flung border land. There’s more than one god on hand to help or hinder your heroes, and new prestige classes and archetypes that might just turn the tide. Can your heroes prevail against enemies new and old? Are you ready to send off First Edition with a bang? ARE YOU READY TO PUNCH A GOD? Find out for yourselves in PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #144: MIDWIVES TO DEATH!

Speaking of explosive final chapters, it can’t get much more explosive than the explosive energy of a star! We take to the future and to space to round out the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path with the latest AP for Starfinder. Your heroes have liberated a bubble city inside a burning star, but that’s not enough. An extraplanar invasion is on the march, and it’s up to you to cut it off at its head. Your heroes have familiarity with the battlefield, superior position, knowledge of your enemy – even the element of surprise and unique stealth technology. All you have to do is make your way through the heart of a star and into a fortress from the Plane of Fire to kill a chaingun-wielding efreeti general with a plan. Are your heroes playing right into General Khaim’s hand? Is this the only villain with plans for your heroes? WAS THAT A WATER GENIE YOU JUST SAW IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUN? Take to the stars (literally!) and find out in STARFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #18: ASSAULT ON THE CRUCIBLE!

Now we move on to Pathfinder Second Edition! We kick things off with the very first Adventure Path written for the new system: the Age of Ashes Adventure Path. A ruined citadel of a fallen order burns and smokes, begging for aid. Distant invaders and ancient ruins suggest something ominous afoot, a suggestion that becomes more and more certain as the sinister machinations of a shadowy organization become more and more apparent. Can your adventurers discover the secret of the lost citadel? What do the ruinous forces have in store for the good people of Golarion? CAN YOU STOP AN INEXORABLE APOCALYPSE? Test your mettle with PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #145: HELLKNIGHT HILL!
If Adventure Paths aren’t your speed, worry not, Second Edition fans! The first standalone adventure for Pathfinder 2E might be just what you need. A murder most foul brings together your disparate adventurers, and the investigation quickly goes rotten with the discovery of alchemy, evil mutations, and blight. Can your heroes find enough common ground to become the next heroes of the realm? Will you solve the murder of your friend? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND NAMES THEIR TOWN PLAGUESTONE? Find out for yourself in THE FALL OF PLAGUESTONE!

That about does it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE, ladies and gentlemen (and everything in between)! Happy adventuring!

This article was contributed by Ben Reece (LongGoneWriter) as part of EN World's Columnist (ENWC) program. If you enjoy the daily news and articles from EN World, please consider contributing to our Patreon!
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Also note that the Lost Omens World Guide is delayed, that's the first 2e book which is basically a new line which mixes the old 1e campaign setting and players guide lines. Less, bigger books, hardback too I think, with world info and related player crunch. So it won't be out on 2e street date of 1st August.

2e is available from GenCon, some people might get it earlier as subscription copies from Paizo are sent out before 1st August to try and get them arrive on 1st August.

Paizo blog is supposed to start releasing info very soon on the rules
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So is this story the whispering tyrant and not that clockworks thing in a previous adventure path? If so, nice close out for 1e into 2e.

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