PaizoCon Online 2024

Paizo PaizoCon Online 2024 Dates and Details Announced


Paizo announced dates for PaizoCon Online 2024: May 24th-27th. The convention will be entirely virtual, taking place on the Paizo Twitch channel and Discord server.


From the announcement:

Our theme for this year’s PaizoCon Online is “Educate, Entertain, Inspire!”—and we’ll be theming our content to match. Learn the basics of Pathfinder and Starfinder, enjoy broadcasted actual plays, and find out what the future holds here at Paizo!

This year we will be expanding the selection of panels and events being held in our Paizo Events Discord server. On top of public panels on our Twitch channel and the free, no ticket required hangout spaces and staff AMAs, we will be hosting ticketholder-exclusive games, panels, and social events via the Discord! Purchasing a ticket to PaizoCon Online allows you to participate in these events, as well as Organized Play and Community Play games throughout the weekend.

Paizo will also be partnering with KublaCon in Burlingame, CA (a suburb of San Francisco) on the same weekend for in-person events including Organized Play gaming and a physical space within the convention to watch streamed panels.

More details are expected in the coming months on the PaizoCon Online website, but for now, you can join the Paizo Discord server and sign up for a Paizo account for organized play.

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