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Kickstarter Palace of Unquiet Repose


The Palace of Unquiet Repose Kickstarter is now LIVE! Check it out here!


For Labyrinth Lord, levels 3-5.

Seamlessly integrating a uniquely horrific atmosphere with brutal location-based adventuring, Palace of Unquiet Repose is a 50-page thrill-ride taking place in the Age of Dusk setting; a brutal Sword & Sorcery epoch, where the Gods have been slain, nameless horrors prowl the wastes baying for blood, and mankind has been reduced to a dim shadow of its former glory. Your players will face horrors never seen before as they explore the subterranean underworld realm of the Palace of Unquiet Repose.

Palace of Unquiet Repose is likely to be the most challenging, intense, harrowing and insane adventure your players have ever experienced. They will descend into the mythical underworld of the Glass Waste and come face to face with an evil that time has forgotten.

Nearly every monster, magic item, trap or effect in Palace is entirely new, never before seen. Are you ready to face such blood-freezing terrors as:

* The beautiful but deadly Nzembarian Concubines

* The enigmatic Azarog, whose limbs are the bodies of Dead Men

* The reality-devouring horror of the Wolf of Final Night

* The all-seeing, angle-annihilating gaze of the Sartoom

These are but a few of the countless sanity-blasting terrors that await those who dare to venture within the Palace of Unquiet Repose!

The Palace of Unquiet Repose

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