Paladin one-hitting bosses.

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Well if you want to point out his flaws then, check the math in addition to that check all the bonus types, cause some might not stack (competence, divine, enhancement, ect. -bonuses). Otherwise let him do it, if he is having fun, and making combat faster then, just go with it.

But If you want to give advice to your DM, then: Invisibility (or greater), blur, mirror image, wall of force, simple cheese from an arcane caster.


Charge as written in 3.5 is very unforgiving - it has to be straight all the way from start to finish, with NO obstacles. A simple kobold standing in the way and there is no charge.


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i'm pretty sure you or your horse or chosen mount can make the required dc 10 jump check with a charging start to jump over the kobold


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You need to see your target clearly to make a charge. This one is often forgotten, and simple darkness/smoke/terrain obstacles/magic stuff can negate it. You need to have a straight line, and movement along that line draws attacks of opportunity. This will make charging impractical quite a bit of the time. Difficult terrain (which exists in the air, too, if the DM is at all good at his stuff) stops a charge relatively cold. Not everything you can charge, you can also reliably hit - good AC, miss chances, illusions, AoO builds etc. exist and can make the impressive numbers decrease a lot.

Charging is nice and shiny and all, but it's usually only viable once or twice over the course of your regular four combats/day. Maybe more with a flying mount, sure, but there's counters for everything in D&D and charging is a pretty limited schtick, it turns out.

Finally, and most importantly, killing stuff by doing damage to it simply isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it'll help out, no question about it, there will be fights and killing the enemy is a good way of winning. But there's so much more a character might be able to do to facilitate your party's goals... and just doing a boatload of damage all at once is probably the least exciting of them. Big damage numbers only stay cool for so long.

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"Ok, here is how I do all of the damage that I do on a charge
Weapon damage (1d8) + Smite damage (paladin levels, right now +10) + 1 (magic bonus) +1 (cold stone crystal thing that I bought) +3 (charisma bonus due to divine might feat which sacrifices a turn undead to add charisma modifier to damage) + 3 (magic bonus because of waist vestments) + strength (normally +6 because I wield my lance in two hands and I turn on bull's strength before what looks like any major combat [+4 to strength bringing me to 18 total, +4 modifier x 1.5 because of two hands =6]) + Divine vestment's throat piece (adds paladin levels again, +10) + power attack (I can sacrifice up to 10 and it is doubled because I am wielding it two handed) = maximum (full power attack) of 54+1d8 all x 5 (lance with spirited charge feat + use of lvl 1 swift spell "rhino's rush") + 1d6 (vestments)"

So, i see many flaws in his plan, number one : he is on a horse, he can be thrown off as a readied action, his charge can be killed during the charge, and his damage can be halved or negated is he misses the target because he is sacrificing ten points of accuracy. Number two, he has basically no armor off the horse. Two handed paladin lance attack means no shield, no recovery, and a simple sidestep on the charge means he has no time to recover from a level ten giant or practically anything his level from picking him up and eating him. A damned grey render has more hp then his charge, and with the feats he took he can't have ride-by-attack so he is SOL on a defensive plan. Three, an undead horde from any lich or even a low level necromancer with minions can tear him apart easily, hell minions have one hp... you killed one, gratz. now die. Fourth and final, what kind of paladin worries about combat on the field, I thought that was a knights job.

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He's a 1 trick pony on a horse, what's the problem? Remember there are usually 4 encounters per day, if he gets to rest after every encounter then that's the fault of the DM. Also, his horse is an easyish target, sunder the lance, put up obstacles to keep him from charging (like wall of fire, ice, force, gloom, or stone), his horse is very susceptible to enchantments, his horse can be tripped very easily, he can't help the horse if the horse gets grappled, etc...

My own personal belief that the moment that the DM has to balance encounters around the presence or absence of a single player, that a problem exists.

It is entirely possible to design encounters to negate mounted charging attacks. Narrow tunnels unsuitable for a mount within an indoor environment solves it, so even this kind of problem is manageable. But things start to suck when the DM has to try to make the player unable to do the one thing that the player clearly wants to do (Murder things to death by lance charge). Whats worse is what happens if the DM carefully sets up a balanced encounter that perfectly accounts for the lance charge of doom, but that player cannot make it that week? If that paladin being absent for a game dramatically changes the damage output of the party as a whole, a managable and fun encounter can turn into a TPK.

There are more than a few things that seem suspect here about the player's gear. I doubt it happened organically in the game. This seems more the result of asking a player to create a character of a higher level, and then optimizing his gear and his feats.

A better question to consider is this: Do the problems caused by the super charges make your job as the DM more difficult then you think it ought to be? If so, then talk to the player about the problem from your side of the screen, and go from there.


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