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Palladium news: Kevin Siembieda chooses an "heir"

As per this video interview, Kevin Siembieda has been very pleased with his experience working with Sean Owen Roberson (Rifts for Savage Worlds Line Manager) and has brought him on as Palladium's new Creative Director, with an eye towards Roberson possibly taking over for Kevin someday.

This is HUGE because Siembieda is notorious for doing things his own way, so for him to hint at a transition to new leadership is pretty radical. Like Hell freezing over.

Around 10 mins into the interview Siembieda likens his rapport with Roberson to his relationship with the late Erick Wujcik...!


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The comment at 7:49 about "becoming a partner" and possibly "owning half the company" makes me very curious about how this will play out from a corporate standpoint. It sounds like Palladium is currently 100% owned by Kevin (which would be in line with my past understanding of how that company works), but that he's not actually giving Sean majority ownership. That's gonna be fun. Good luck.


Very interesting.
I hope this will eventually result in a playable form of Rifts which still retains all its whackyness. The Savage Worlds version is sadly watered down a lot in this regard.

Level Up!

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