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Hello everyone. I am Lucas.
I design paper miniatures for D&D. They are a cheap replacement of metal and plastic ones. In addition they can be printed in hordes.

The minis you can find on my patreon website along with tutorials.
Just use your home printer to print the templates on quality photo paper.
You also need paper knife, double side tape and metal washers (optional coin).

Lots of templates are for FREE. The rest available for my patrons who support my work. Thank you guys.

PaperMini is creating Paper Miniatures | Patreon

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My brother is a patreon and gets a lot of these. I kind of tip my hat though when I tell him that I need a giant salt golem next week.


Oh... It would be hard to make salt golem for the next week...
But yeah, I also do custom miniatures for my patrons.
One extra mini a month to be precise.

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I'm a big fan of paper minis and currently support Printable Heroes and have bought a lot of One Monk Miniatures and Fat Dragon Games paper miniatures and terrain. I would be interested in yours as well, but it appears you don't over cut files for any support level. Sorry, but no cut files, I'm not going to bother. I'm not going to waste time carving the mini out with an exacto knife. With a proper cut file I can quickly build an army of skeletons, zombies, gnolls, goblins, or what have you the night before the game.

Please consider buying an inexpensive paper cutter from Amazon, such as the Studio Portrait, and learn how to create cutfiles with the included software.

Also, consider versions with tabs instead of paper bases. Many of us who use paper minis have long ago released the superiority of slotted bases (like those sold by litko). The minis stand much more solidly and are easier to store.

If you ever offer cut files and tabbed minis, please post here. I'd be happy to support you on Patreon if I don't have to deal with manually cutting minis out and crappy paper bases.

Just some well-intentioned, if direct, advice from someone who spend far too much on paper game aids.


Thanks for suggestions.
Just checked some inexpensive devices. It seems that the price starts from 140$. As a creator I would consider buying one and learn the software as well.
The question is if the regular users would be interested investing in a cutter machine? Especially if it takes about 10 minutes to make a single unit?
Anyway, the little cutting friend sounds promising and I'll do more research.

About my bases, I don't see any problem, you can always cut them off and use slotted bases or metal clips. Personally I attach paper base to my every unit with suggestion to stick 1-inch metal washer on the bottom. The minis get stability and proper weight.
( Metal washers are available in D.I.Y shops, I paid 3$ for box of 50pcs).
Recently I started using black base as an additional drawing area. I draw long robes, creature tails and magic spells over there.
You see... my bases became integral part of miniature design you can see below.

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I've used metal washers to glue 1" round tokens to, but not for full 2D stand up minis.

I can take my paper minies off their bases, keep the bases in a tray and have many hundreds of paper minis organized in envelopes and stored in shoe boxes. They just store much better without permanent bases.

But each to their own. I kinda agree with your point about just having to cut the bases, but there are two problems with this: (1) you have the artwork flowing onto the base, so I have to cut away part of the mini's art. (2) It is extra work.

If you look at it as just cutting out one mini, well, maybe it seems like I'm making too much out of this.

But one of my greatest benefits of paper minis for me is that, with a cutting machine, I can create an army of a hundred minis in under an hour.

Also, I can cheaply create minis that I have no immediate use for. The more work I have to do to create them the less likely I would bother.

You'll have to do your own market research but given the many of popular creators of paper minis and terrain include STD files with their product. So, it seems there is a big enough demand, otherwise they wouldn't bother.


Soon I will show how I organize my miniatures. I simply use an envelope as well.
Personally I enjoy making 4-6 minis a week but I agree... It would be pain in ass to make... let's say about 20 of undead army at once.

Just watched some youtube tutorials about using a cutting machine. Intreresting but complicated.

Meanwhile... Mummy- free download

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Hey, just saw your Last Mine of Phandelver, Chapter 1 post. What a great idea! Being able to get all the minis I need for an adventure path, organized by chapter would be awesome.

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