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Papercraft terrain I made in 2019

After a busy year, I enjoy to look back at what I made (I tend to focus so much on the future, that I tend to forget my "achievements"). So here is what I created last year.

On my Patreon I make smaller scatter terrain. There is a free version and also advanced for Patreons. I was able to put the 2019 together and form a little camp! :)

I also make larger sets which I sell. Last year the theme was Pirates and Graveyards. I made some ships (ranging from small rowing boat to a two mast brig) and then a tropical village builder and Halloween steered me towards the graveyard :D

I am very excited what I will be able to create 2020.

Happy building and gaming everyone!

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You sell these? I bet that war brig is a bitch to put together.
Yes, I do :) I use the same design in all my ships and basically the rowing boat and the brig are the same level of difficulty (or hopefully easy).

If you are interested I can send you the instructions (contact me at info@papierschnitzel.com). I try hard to make the build process as easy and error tolerant as possible.

That reminds me, I should make a build video this year to demonstrate how easy it is to build.

Check out http://www.papierschnitzel.com/shops/ for more info.