Paranoia Perfect Edition Kickstarter - One Week to go & Discord Q&A


Good afternoon, loyal Citizens of Alpha Complex!

The Kickstarter for Paranoia Perfect Edition has a little more than one week to go, and backers are already going to be receiving a massive amount of material:

Paranoia Perfect Edition Hardback
The Accomplice Book Hardback
The Perfect Gamemaster's Screen
New Missions: Certifiable, Viva VEG Sector, Stealth Train Redux
New Supplementary Additions: Traitors-A-Poppin, Not So Simple, Central Casting, Keep Traiting On, My Metal Chums

Plus, we have a (growing) bonus pool set up to reward the frontline freelance creatives working on Perfect Edition, just in time for the holidays!

You can join in on the action right here:


If that is not enough, we have a Discord Q&A event going on tomorrow, Saturday 19th at 5pm GMT, with Famous Game Designer WJ MacGuffin, the lead designer of Paranoia Perfect Edition.

You can tune in and ask your questions right here: Join the Mongoose Publishing Discord Server!

Stay Alert! Trust No One! Keep Your Laser Handy!

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