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Kickstarter (Paranoia) Project Infinite Hole - Kickstarter Funded!


The new Project Infinite Hole Kickstarter for Paranoia has got off to a flying start, being fully funded in a little over six hours, and now with four stretch goals already unlocked!

The Project Infinite Hole box set brings your favourite service group, R&D, front and centre into your games, providing referees with countless new experiments for their Troubleshooters, against the background a black hole unleashed within Alpha Complex. Your Troubleshooters will have so much mandatory fun.

Stretch goals already unlocked include two new mission books that will see the Troubleshooters try to deal with the black hole, the Thirftylist Stuff catalogue with more mostly-legal items to take on missions, and the Disaster Deck, a new system that will allow players to unleash cataclysmic events during their battles against traitors and terrorists.

You can dive into the fun and download the first mission for free right here: Project Infinite Hole: An R&D Sourcebox for the Paranoia RPG

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