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Or perhaps, one of the clones gets shot on sight for treason reported by someone else in the party. ZAP! Then, as the smoke clears, and the placement clone is brought in, it is revealed that there was a clerical error on the execution order. The names were entered into the wrong blanks, so the OTHER player's clone is shot. ZAP! As that smoke clears, it is revealed that there was yet another mistake: the briefing officer is an imposter, and he is shot by an influx of Vulture officers. ZAP!

The Computer in the room then announces that there has been an error made, no warrant should have been issued at all, and the Vultures are ordered to wipe out evidence of their knowledge of U level data, and are ordered to engage in a circular firing squad.


Then a ping is heard as the terminal reboots itself, and the party is ordered to clean up the mess. No mention made of the errors.


Another item I've enjoyed allowing the Troubleshooters to have is an "Equipment Request Form" for the Equipment Guy. It has to be filled out in pen as there is limited space. What usually happens is they request some simple basic equipment first and everything they ask for they get. Then they ask for some more stuff as I hand them back the same form and they get everything they asked for first and the new stuff because it is all on the same list. As the game they are accountable for all the equipment so if they leave things behind they feel they don't need or something they will get in trouble for it. Or the Equipment guy writes something ridiculous to see what happens like tyrannosaurus with Gatling gun arms. Everyone was amazed when it showed up, no one was surprised when it killed them all.


I played in an Orc and Pie Crothian-run Paranoia game once, many years ago. It was a great time! I remember buttercup/goblin girl was in it too!