Review Part 2: Character Sheet Design as User Interface.

PJ Coffey

PJ Coffey (they/them)
I have strong opinions on making character sheets and how they help people learn and understand your game.

Part I is here:

We're also very close to having a very cool generic A5e character sheet. :) It certainly works at the table pretty well.

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So I was looking at the sheets, and they look very nice, but one change I would make on all four of them is to move the large header text to the right near the level up logo and use that freed up space on the left for the character name; it’s much longer than all of the other information on that line on the sheets and needs a little bit more real estate because of it. Also, moving the name out of that line Will let the other information in that line breathe a little bit, and can allow a little bit more room for class(es).

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