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Partial reconstitution of jazirian and ahriman

Im setting up for a campaign arc that will occur in a land that thought it would be a great idea to enslave a large number of devils and celestials to a lesser extent. I want them to have been just smart enough about it to not involve contracts with fiends, to only keep them a year a piece generally, and to kill a given fiend at the end of said year as opposed to letting them poof back to baator still fully empowered and ready to immediately come back.

To this end im wondering what the method for forcing service from a fiend for a year at lowest possible caster level easily eacheivable by a specialist wizard would be. It doesnt have to be monetarily cheap. But this is meant to be an aspect of somethibg that has been massively unbalancing the economy as concerns magic items and a few other things.

The place's magic economy basically looks like silicon valley for tech. Really easy to get everything other than exceptional qualitily things. Wizards are in a similar situation to tech relevant majors. The people at the top are dizzyingly well off on top of the highest economic peak and a difference of about 4 levels is the difference between that and living at the docks when said wizards arent working away slavishly on magic items.
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Infernal Calling is a 5th level spell. And is the lowest spell level possible that can get you access to a devil without entering into a contract (such as find familiar), while having an option for total control if you somehow manage to find that devil's talisman. Otherwise you could charm it, force it to speak It's true name, and then have advantage on controlling it. The spell only lasts for an hour, but I would imagine having a repeatable hour of control would enable some crafty wizard to work out how to enslave a devil for longer.

Which incidentally, would involve the devil's true name and making a talisman for them.

The funny thing about devils is that they don't have a true name at first.
The first step to making a devil is to make a Larva, which is what happens to evil souls naturally when they die and go to the nine hells, or you could expose a living soul to evil extraplainar energies to forcefully mutate it into one. After you have a Larva, you have two options: Leave it alone and it will grow into a Nupperibo, which are nearly useless if you don't have another Devil telepathically control it (and even then they aren't good for anything that needs more than dumb muscle). Or you could drain it of it's magical divine essence and make it into a Lemure, which is marginally more tolerable, but less strong than their cousins. Ether way, they lose all their memories and their name (and thus True Name), and one of the things a higher ranking devil could do is tell them to obey the commands of a mortal.

Now this is where things get interesting. When a Devil is promoted, it gets it's True Name, intelligence, and basically becomes really useful. In order for a Lemure or Nupperibo to be promoted, it has to earn the favor of a higher ranking devil somehow, which is makes them swear fealty to that higher ranking devil.

So in short, if you want just an army of devils, all you need to do is establish total control over one devil. Then mutate some people into larva using the energies of hell. Follow up by using the first devil to force the resulting Lemures and/or Nupperibo to obey you (which you can use as-is for low grade manual labor or fighting.) Then force your first devil to promote a few of those underlings intro lesser devils, while giving you their true name, and make those secondary devils swear fealty to you while breaking their fealty to the first one. Dispose of the first devil as you see fit, preferably by dunking it into the River Styx so it can't rat you out.

Now you have a standing army of devils disassociated from hell at your beck and call, and you can make more as long as you can throw money into getting more people to sacrifice for your scheme.
Do you know the cheapest (not monetarily. Just spell wise involving the lowest spell level possible) way to enslave a greater devil (classification) for a year though? Safely? I think casting an hour long spell for months until it breaks and tells you its first name or at least sweara fealty to you might be a pretty daunting task and would involve casting that particular spell thousands of times. 15 times a day with a back up caster for the 9 hours you need to rest and prepare for another 15 hours. Effectively, thats a TOM of spell levels. I guess basically it would work at first but there wpuld needbto be a longer term solution seeing as the idea i have is for a lot of people to be doing this. Notbjust for it to be a one man operation. As in not only are there devil slaves. They are selling them on the market to the wealthy and there are competing sellers.
What is the 3e spell if you happen to remember it?

Doesnt need to be super safe. Just a year long, no contract involved, and either include pretty strong control (not to the point of endangering itself necessarily but exceeding that is not a deal breaker. Just not required) or the ability to impose it through over means, either magical, spell like, or supernatural. Ive got methods for those covered. Just not the spell to get them here and control for one year. Thankyou.
Awesome and what was the 3e spell to transport the greater devil to the caster's location initially?

All this will work on a greater devil right? Not jist a devil?

Thanks fir your assistance.


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Awesome and what was the 3e spell to transport the greater devil to the caster's location initially?
Planar Binding. In 5e it was changed up so you had to have the creature handy via other means. But it's a legit summoning spell in 3e.
All this will work on a greater devil right? Not jist a devil?
It's based on the HD of the creature in question. Planar Binding gets you up to 12 hd. Greater Planar Binding gets you up to 18 HD.
Now for phase "capitalism stimulated innovation and power hungry mage-breeding wizard guy realized there were two easily mass planar bound outsiders that are

A known to be able to breed out of their own species

B created from drops of jazirian and ahriman's blood respectively

C therefore tiny pieces of these uber gods that can combine their essence

D makes karsus mistake and thinks he can handle it

Thus causing absolute chaos to unfold when a few of the outsiders weasle out of their bindings and tell the associated two planes most relevant about the strange breeding slaving practice thats been happening for 200 years and the peculiar choice of the exact two species involved."

Que slave rebellion with celestial and infernal nukes periodically coming in hot.

Btw as best as i can tell this is actually true of the two outsider species in question. The blood part and being some of the rare few who not only can breed but can do so with beings not of their own kind. Including mortals and more importantly other outsiders. But most importantly, they are of two particular fathers that used to be oroboros collectively. Perfect for a mage breeding slaver caused multiplanar war to spark.
Its cuoatls and erinyes for the record. Chances of successful breeding should onviously be low but i think it probably would work with a powerful, corrupt, and obsessed enough experimenting mage binding enough of them.
Nephilim would imply it involved mortals at all.

Also No. He just wanted better slaves. No. Its going to be a mostly failed project (with a few successful offspring). These being should actually be born demigods. As their parentage is essentially straight up essence from jazirian and ahriman with no mortal blood watering it down. The mage basically caused a small but very bad crack in the balance of power between a few major pantheon conflicts. Because properly unified pieces of oroboros havnt existed simce jazirian and ahriman tore apart. No matter how small. The existance of these things is slightly bridging that in more than one way.

Its phase two of at least 5. Jumping off point.

The real threat is its going to change the flow of which gods are actively oppoaing eachother and many long standing conflicts will have completely different rules aa priorities have changed for some of the bigger gods. Its just enough of an event for that.

There will be a couple different major wars (all of whom"s fronts will be changing at least slightly) that the pcs at some point will land themselves in the middle of (one specifically i mean depending on the actions they take. But different potential ones)

The bood war will be affected. Demogorgon and orcus versus pale night and grazzt will now be fighting a 2 on 2 so that conflict will heat up. They could find themselves there.

The front of the blood war will look different. The majority of archdukes will be turning their attention to the celestial realms. And some celestial powers will be turning more attention to baator.

And a few other areas of interest will also be experiencing a shift. Multiple options for where to go.

The mage bred demigods will have a role to play in some politics as well as war fronts too. But its a bit more complicated than just centering on them. Just a catalyst that makes sense with what lore makes potentially reasonable.

But also its going to screw a bit with the makeup of some key planes that jazirian and ahrimans seperation had to do with the formation of. There will assuredly be weird effects.
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Best as i can tell they are the only examples of jazirian and ahrimans pure blood and nothing else watering it down creating fertile outsiders which tick all the needed check marks and would essentially be small pieces of the over deity oroboros reconstituting.

Should also sap ahriman and jazirian's strength a bit as they are essentially unwillingly bleeding into these offspring.

Either way. Still not the case. Because you have angels and devils.

And then you have the minority who fundementally are actually something more.

Cuoatls are not normal celestials because unlike them they are actually tiny pieces of a god (jazirian whos one half of oroboros)

A select few devils are the same way for ahriman (also one half of oroboros)

Both are also fertile. Which is rare.

But they arent really independant beings. They are literally created from blood from the wounds of jazirian and ahriman. So unlike typical celestial and infernal host, they are literal god bits (from an overdeity). Basically small pieces of oroboros' soul. Therefore being fit to reconstitute small pieces of him imo but its implied. But the part about them being tiny pieces of the two gods is actually a thing as best as i can tell and seems directly stated.
As when oroboros existed what little else existed was skewed toward orderly gridlock at an extreme level. So he would be favoring the oroborans, if events unfold a certain way, such that it would be incredibly deleterious to the balance between disorder and order in his favor.
I mean't the other kind, the ones that are angel/devil hybrids.
I realized there was a better way to put my response to this. Its less like angels bred with devils and more like small piece of the dark side of a massively powerful god reconstitutes with small piece of its light side. The normal angels and devils are normal angels and devils. Not pieces of the god itself in raw form.