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Partial reconstitution of jazirian and ahriman

Some greater and some lesser devils are.

Erinyes are a type that can be generated this way. But not all erinyes. So its luck of the draw until this mage with all the hubris gets a few which not only are erinyes but also erinyes born from his blood and not from the breeding population of them that exists on baator (which are identical in basically every way except for that one key quality)

Another common result of ahrimans bood falling from his wound are pit fiends. There are several types of devil created this way. But all of them while pure have various limitations on their fertility implying theybare somehow less whole. Not as good a candidate for either reason. Even though the average pitfiend is more powerful than an erinyes.

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Fun fact. Base erinyes and base cuoatl also have the exact same number of hit dice and their standard health is the same with the numerals reversed. Probably a coincedance but its a hilarious one.

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