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PF2E Pathfinder 2E At UK Games Expo

Paizo was out in full force at UK Games Expo last weekend. While they weren't actually selling product, they were running demos of Pathfinder 2nd Edition all weekend, as well as showing off their one copy of the core rulebook and the Bestiary.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 12.18.16.png

I didn't get chance to play a demo myself (I was ridiculously busy running demos on my own stand) I did get chance to chat to Pathfinder lead designer Jason Bulmahn a couple of times. We'll hopefully be featuring a series of articles here on EN World showing off different aspects of the system, as well has having Jason on the podcast.

The impression I got (and bear in mind I didn't play it - I did during the playtest last year though!) was that there were a lot of changes from the playtest rules, and that player feedback at demos has been very positive. Most people I spoke to who did get chance to play it said it was definitely faster at the game table than 1E, and that they appreciated the depth of character options that Pathfinder offers.

Gen Con on August 1st is the big launch date. They're launching a great big pile of stuff -- the Pathfinder 2E core rulebook, the Bestiary, a new adventure path, a Lost Omens world guide, and a bunch of accessories. I'm definitely intrigued to see what the final product looks like, and how it differs from the playtest. I'm pleased to hear that one of the things I liked from the playtest - the three action economy - made it though.

OnTableTop (the new name for Beasts of War) posted an interview with Erik Mona and Jason Bulmahn. You can watch that below.

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I wasn’t interested in checking PF2 out but after watching the video, I think I might pick it up in August and see the final results they came up with.


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I'm a sucker for pretty much any new system that comes out, but wasn't fond of the playtest at all - I hope their 'changes' really did pull it around, I'd love to support their new product.


To be honest I want to see the final product. In concept I think I get what they want to take the game to, the playtest probably was a very raw form of it so it makes it hard to see the picture clearly.

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