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Paizo Pathfinder Life-Size Baby Goblin Coming from WizKids

Pre-orders open for painted foam sculpture


WizKids opened pre-orders for the Pathfinder replica for a life-sized baby goblin pre-painted foam figure. The goblin leans forward with its head resting on its hands like it’s posing for a family photo in a portrait studio with a cute (if toothy) smile. From the product description:

There's nothing cuter than a baby and the same is true for baby goblins! This adorably mischievous goblin is 8" tall and made from soft foam that's hand painted to show off each tiny claw and sharp tooth. This figure is ready to wreak havoc and sure to attract attention in your home, game room, or store!

Give this baby goblin a place of honor on your bookshelves or tabletops!

The figure is available for pre-order for a retail price of $129.99 with an expected Q4 2024 release date.



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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Guys remember the good old days of Keep on the Borderlands when we killed humanoid kids because the dungeon was full of them? Let's commemorate that with a trophy !

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