Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign Pocket Edition to Debut in Late January 2019

Hello again my lovely fans, and welcome back to your favorite source for news on the Golem! Paizo is keeping its slate full for January, which gives us plenty of releases and reveals to pick over. Today we’re digging into a staple of Pathfinder 1E, still with plenty of life in veins: the latest Pocket Edition! You know it, you love it, the Ultimate Campaign guide is now in Pocket Edition! Where some players may scoff and write off every moment not hopping along a five-foot-square track as “downtime”, it’s these awkward, fumbling, cash-strapped interactions that form the glue holding every great campaign together. Plus, rules for running a business, crafting magic items, or even establishing a kingdom give DMs plenty of ways to keep your characters hungry for more gold – and hungry for adventure! No more wondering, “what do I do with all this loot?”; now you have an answer! 320 pages of answers!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Campaign Pocket Edition is the latest in a long and successful line of “Pocket” editions, perfect for easing reducing you DM’s burden from a minivan full of books to a…well, a less-full minivan. I don’t know if there’s much errata to be found in here, but the price tag has certainly taken a hit. What are you looking forward to most in this Pocket Edition? Let us know in the comments!

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Ben Reece

Ben Reece

In Spain we are still waiting the translation of "Ultimate Magic Guide", and we can forget Creature Codex III. At least we could get a translation of all the dragons (true dragons, the ones with age categories).


So the first edition of Pathfinder is till releasing new collectible products on the heels of the second edition?
How do we then convince everyone to migrate over to the new and shiny?


This is a scheduled release of small paperback versions of previously released full size hardbacks. It's about convenience. And health :) You could herniate yourself trying to pack all those hardbacks to a session. I'm not sure I would call the pocket editions "collectible" in any sense, unless you have to have everything they turn out...

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