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Patreon Patreon Wizard Tower Map Icons Preview


Magiocracy of Ulm

Generations ago the Archmage Ulm foresaw a time when wizards would be persecuted for the evil acts of a few. Through powerful divination spells, he determined the best way to keep magic alive in the land was to form a kingdom and invite mages of all types to join the kingdom. Soon towers for each school of sorcery were established where wizards could teach, learn, and network.

One hundred years ago an empire did form and covered half of the populace. Magic was banned in the empire and wizards were persecuted along with a few other groups. The towers of sorcery banded together to research a number of powerful magics that were instrumental in pushing back the misguided empire.

Today, want-to-be wizards throughout the world travel to the Magiocracy of Ulm and spend six years training in the basic arts. Other wizard schools exist, and some individual wizards take on apprentices, but the schools in the Magiocracy of Ulm are the best. A wizard can earn a general magic degree at any of the towers/schools in the Magiocracy which usually takes six years starting at age 10 to 12. At any point after a year in the world they may come back for two more years of advanced study at the tower that coincides best with their interest.

About the Icon Sets

January’s theme for our Patreon (something like a monthly subscription) of map icon mini-sets is Wizard Towers & Location. We are creating new icons each month thanks to artist/cartographer Keith Curtis, who has done the bulk of the map icons for our software.

The icons feature a tower for each school of sorcery, plus a few others. There are also a couple icons for small wizard towers/homes.

Each month as part of the Patreon, we’ll have 4 map icon sets: isometric map icons (good for Worldographer, but usable in Hexographer 1 as well–see the image below); more flat/classic & 1e style icons for Worldographer or Hexographer; more dungeon and building interior graphics perfect for Dungeonographer; and more city/village building icons designed for Cityographer or the Worldographer city/village functionality.

All the graphics will be transparent PNGs, so they should be usable in other map & image editors as well.

As before, we post previews of each set, and then make a single paid post near the end of the month with the actual graphic sets. Our plan is to do just one set of each type per month in one paid post. (One set of 15+ isometric icons, one set of 15+ city icons, one set of 15+ dungeon/building interior icons, one set of 15+ flat/classic world map icons.)

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Two more previews! First city (top-down) scale map icons:

And battlemat icons for a wizard's classroom or study in a tower/home:

To sum up, get 15+ icons in each of 4 different styles/purposes (classic world map icons, isometric world map icons, dungeon/battlemat icons, and city/village icons) for as little as $1.50/month through our Patreon. Plus all Patreon backers will get a free code to the new battlemat/dungeon functionality in Worldographer if they are a backer on the date we release it, which will be before the end of March.

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