Payn's Ponderings Traveller Settings

aramis erak

Always? Do you ever have your NPCs or the Travellers go cold, hide behind moons, etc... to try and get the jump on their target?
Given the ranges in CT, if you are behind a planet, you're far enough away that an intercept is going to be obvious.

CT sensors have detect 2 Light Seconds of range for military, and ½LS for civil. (TTB 75) 1G for one turn is 1/30 light second per turn. Either can maintain a 3 LS sensor track.

Maximum laser range is 1 2/3 LS (requires gunner interact or predict program running).

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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
A good plan!

That has never happened, so far. I've played Staf Frontiers, Star Wars, Coriolis and now Traveller. My players are generaly very affraid of space combat and usually avoid it at all cost.
I am running Pirates of Drinax so its not all about space combat, but there will definitely be some. The mission they are on right now is a sort of training session. An old retired pirate has taken them under her wing for a single run. She knows the system that a smuggler crew uses to get their contraband. They also skim the gas giant instead of use the space port. Im thinking she is going to recommend they sneak up while the smugglers are in the atmo of the giant. Try and catch them with their pants down.

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