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PC Assassin Death Attack?


First Post
This came up in our gaming session this week. One of the players has an Assassin and wanted to use death attack on a Nightshade. We told him he couldn't because the Nightshade is undead and effected by his death attack. He said it would be because it was his death and in the book it said nothing about it not effecting undead. Well we had a long discussion like usual at gaming sessions, and finally he went along with us.

What I would like to know and him is who is right for sure?

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WotC's bitch
You were correct. The assassin's death attack is technically not a "death" effect as such (ie, not something like finger of death or power word kill). Thus the undead's immunity to death effects wouldn't apply, and your player was right on this point. However, using the death attack requires a successful sneak attack, and undead are also immune to sneak attacks.